Soni Hahn is a multidisciplinary UX designer based in New York



Hi, I’m Soni - a multidisciplinary UX/UI designer based in NYC.

I carry projects from concept all the way to real-world products, some of which can be found on my portfolio.

Graduating from Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at NYU where technology, design, and ideas intersect, my UX/UI design has been showcased in variety of forms such as VR(, game application (Scavenger Hunt for Cooper Hewitt Museum), and physical computing devices (Hydrate Me). 

For some of my work, I developed full stack applications (English That Matters). Cultivating my coding skills for myself and for better collaboration is one of my main focuses and strengths as a UX/UI designer. 

Before attending graduate school, I worked along with the two founders as the first employee & product lead at a successful startup. I led all product efforts to launch Tapzin, a digital magazine distribution platform, and eventually reached over a 1MM+ users, ranked as No.1 in iOS App Store’s Book category and Google Play’s News & Magazines category. Our business later expanded to a B2B direction where I also led the design of customizable interactive advertising with a client-facing data dashboard. Working in a fast-paced startup environment, dealing with multiple priorities and meeting deadlines became my biggest strengths. 

I appreciate the reward of tangible results after extreme effort. Being with talented people always makes the experience worthwhile. 

I’m looking for the next opportunity where I can grow myself and contribute to the big goal. 

Feel free to email me at